Lord of the Flies

Jack is one of the main characters in the novel, he impacts many of the other characters and even the plot of the story. Using deception Jack is able to get what he wants from other people, and hide the truth about himself sometimes. In the Lord of the Flies when the boys are having one of their many disputes after they’ve seen the beast, Jack says to the group, “He’s not a hunter. He’d never have got us meat. He isn’t a perfect and we don’t know anything about him. He just gives orders and expects people to obey for nothing. All this talk--”(126). Jack is trying to make the other boys think that Ralph is a bad chief in stating false information that could possibly make the boys feel differently about Ralph, thus making Jack look like a better fit for the job. This action makes Ralph upset with Jack making the fight between them grow even more and causing the boys to choose a side, which is exactly what Jack wanted. After the two “tribes” were made it was a breaking point in the story because all civilization on the island was lost. The boys that went with Jack to his camp were deceived by all the fun and games that he had promised and were surprised when they were threatened that they would be beaten if they didn’t do as he said. The boys are out hunting and there is pig run when Ralph throws his spear and hits the pig, then he is very excited for his accomplishment and Golding narrates, “He stunned himself in their new respects and felt that hunting was good after all”(115). Jack now has all the boys, even Ralph, excited about hunting and convinced that it is a good thing and it should be focused on over other things on the island. Back at camp during a meeting when Ralph is stressing the need for the signal fire Jack brings it back around to hunting and is using the beastie as a fear tactic. He deceives the hunters and Ralph by making the task of hunting a fun job then turns it around to a fear job about the beast to make it more important.

Deception is one of the main ways Jack influences the outcome of what happens on the island. Without Jack's presence in the novel, some of the characters would not have had the power they held and some would have the power and respect they deserved. The lesser characters gave Jack the power he wanted and he became more able to fool the other boys in order to get what he wants from them and getting them to think what he wants them to think. Jack is a dangerous person to have in the world, an example of someone that has similar descriptive characteristics as Jack would be the Nazis and their use of propaganda. Adolf Hitler used deception and propaganda to intimidate and win over the Germans. The Nazis, just like Jack, harm society because people are getting results they do not expect, which then may anger them. Jack does this when he tells the boys that if they join his tribe it will all be fun and games and they will have meat and be happy, but when they do join his tribe he makes all these rules and threatens the boys if they do not follow his expectations. The Nazis used deception in the real world when they were making excuses for the exiling of the Jewish people and their “Final Solution” about what they were going to do about the Jews. What we learn from deceptive people is that you can not trust everything that people tell you and always question what you a told, because there is always a different view of the story.